In Essex Coast Walk I wrote that the coast path from Grays to Purfleet may be the least scenic in Britain. Today I walked part of it, from Purfleet to the QE2 Bridge.

Whilst not what one would typically call scenic, it’s an interesting stretch of the Thames, with industrial archaeology, industry and shipping terminals.

Few people walk on the path and get to enjoy views of the QE2 bridge. The path passes under the bridge but few who drive over know it exists.

Disused railway pier. I wonder how long it is since a train ran along the pier.

Ships still regularly dock at Purfleet Wharf, but this jetty has long been out of use.

Instructions for operating the floodgate from the days that signs were written on wood. A real museum piece but still in its original setting.


More modern but clear in its instruction. Definitely no trespassing here.

Disused dock and hut.

Very different to most of the Essex coast path but interesting none the less.

And still some natural beauty.

View up the Thames to Docklands. Rain on its way.

Former site of Purfleet Board Mills, now returning to nature. Redevelopment has been stalled because the land is contaminated.

And finally some graffiti. There is some interesting graffiti on the Thames wall, particularly east of the bridge.

Despite being close to towns this is one of the least walked sections of the Essex coast. I didn’t meet any walkers today. Perhaps not surprising but it is an interesting walk and remote in its own way.