Suffolk Coast Walk

Suffolk Coast Walk

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Combining travel writing with a walking guide, Suffolk Coast Walk provides a wonderful insight into this fascinating county and is the companion book to Essex Coast Walk by the same author.

Peter Caton explores all 162 miles of Suffolk’s unique coastline, describing the route for fellow walkers, with an engaging narrative that tells of the beauty, history and wildlife of this mysterious and varied coast.

The reader is taken up and down Suffolk’s remote creeks and rivers, past sandy beaches and huge expanses of shingle, through nature reserves, seaside resorts and tiny villages. We learn of the county’s abundant wildlife, not just through its famous bird populations but also of equally interesting and less celebrated creatures, and how habitats are managed to balance the needs of nature and mankind.

Throughout his journey, Peter uncovers many mysteries and considers the stories behind legends of Anne Boleyn, invading Germans, a half-man half-fish character, UFOs, Crazy Mary and bells tolling beneath the sea. He visits Suffolk’s only island and takes a boat trip to investigate the secret world of Orford Ness.

More than 100 colour and black & white photos illustrate the story of the walk and the beauty and atmosphere of county’s remarkable coast. With maps at the start of each chapter, this is a book for those who enjoy a short stroll, a longer ramble or simply wish to follow the coast from the comfort of an armchair.


This enjoyable book is a well-crafted combination of travel writing with a practical guidebook. The author records his journey from Norfolk to Essex along the Suffolk Coast in twenty-two stages, one chapter covers each stage with a simple but clear sketch map. As well as directions, simple transport information is well worked into the author’s personal experiences on the journey as well as accounts of some historic places of interest and the amusing anecdotes and characters he encountered. The book is easy to read and would make a good value present or personal purchase for a newcomer to Suffolk or a local armchair reader or walker.

Walk – Magazine of the ramblers

Gawd, I don’t believe it; he’s only gone ‘n done all the Suffolk coast as well! As soon as I found out about this publication, I knew that I just had to have it. I have read his excellent Essex Coast Walk several times, and this one on Suffolk was screaming out “buy me”, so that’s what I did.
I have already walked a fair amount of the Suffolk coastline (around 75 miles), and I believe this book is gonna show me how to finish it off.
This book is better laid out than the Essex coast one. This time there is a rough drawn map at the beginning of each walk, which makes things a little easier to follow as you read through. Again, there are the detailed histories of the places/landmarks to be found on the coast, in addition to the author’s descriptions of what he saw and encountered on each walk. It was like really being out there, and that made it a very entertaining read.
Also, for the first time, there are several colour photos in the centre of the book as well.
I was glad that the author decided to revisit parts of the coastline that already, or may have suffered more erosion/damage that was caused by the tidal surge/floods back in December 2013, as well as the heavy rain storms a few weeks later. This being useful information for those who wish to walk on certain sections, and I think that anyone considering walking on the more remote parts may find this book handy.
Beware; this coastline changes constantly. Having a good read through this publication, I have now found out that some paths I walked on a few years ago, and tracks I am yet to set foot on, no longer exist!
I am most impressed by Suffolk Coast Walk. It has been so well written, and it took me only a few minutes of skim reading through it within minutes of picking it up for the 1st time, for me to decide that it was good.

James – Internet Review

This is an uncompromisingly well written and well produced book: entertaining as well as absorbing ! It’s outstanding value for money. If you’re tired of ‘cloned style pulp paperbacks’ then you’re in for a treat. If, like me, you’ve already walked even just parts of the Suffolk coast then you’ll find it enriching and you’ll feel restless to do more. It’s a narrative rather than ‘just a guidebook’ but it contains much vital practical information. A perfect sequel (or prequel) to ‘Essex Coast Walk’.

Mr A.D. Cox – Internet Review

This is an exceptionally good book written by an author who is becoming one of my favourites. It is not the normal guide book of walks, but is written as an interesting account of the events that happened on the walks. I am amazed at the huge amount of factual material that Peter has incorporated into the book much of which has been obtained from his extensive research. There are a few errors which I can understand, and hopefully they can be corrected in the future.
It certainly helped that I know the area very well as I could put myself in his shoes as he walked and it was though I was there with him.
I had difficulty in putting the book down. I am now reading Stand Up Sit Down.

BRS – Internet Review

I just wanted to drop you a short note to say what an enjoyable companion your Suffolk Coast Walk book has been these past few months as my wife and I have plodded our way south around the East Anglian coast.
Taking advantage of child #2 going to Uni we have been taking occasional weekends to walk southwards from Hunstanton – and like you crossing rivers on bridges, not ferries. We have now reached Manningtree; so we are looking forward to getting stuck into your Essex guide next!

Our trips have been so much more than a series of nice walks. So learning about local tales and history – as well as the route – has added real colour to the trip, and ensured we have seen things we might otherwise have overlooked. We’ve also found visits to places we might otherwise have avoided, like Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth, very rewarding too.

Neil Verlander