TB - Dent 013As anyone who has read my books will know, I enjoy finding remote places, travelling by train and walking. My next book combines the first two and includes some varied walks, as I travel around the UK seeking out our most remote railway stations.

Currently I’m about halfway through journeys which will cover 40 stations, a few closed but most where trains still call, if not always very often! I’ve travelled to the wilds of Scotland, including staying at a settlement that consists of just a railway station, two houses and a hotel where deer looked in the window as we ate breakfast, to lonely stations in the north of England amongst hills and beside the sea and have walked to long closed halts on Dartmoor and in East Anglia. Next on the list is the Heart of Wales Line, with its many remote stations to choose from.

I am including some of the remarkable stories and interesting history associated with the stations and the routes serving them, giving the book a strong railway theme but also appealing to those with a general travel interest.

Remote Stations will be published some time in 2018.