I hope that when people cast their votes they will look beyond simply which party will give them the greatest personal financial wealth.

I hope that people will consider our whole society and that those of us who are comfortably off will think of the needs of others when we vote.

We need a government that will care about everyone and an acceptance of the reality that to provide the services we want, in one way or another more taxes will have to be paid.

The Green Party offers a vision for a caring, fair and compassionate society.

I hope that people will look ahead to the world that we bequeath to our children and grandchildren.

Do we want them to be seeing film of the Great Barrier Reef, of Pacific islands, of glaciers, of whales and tigers, and ask why people didn’t do enough to save them?

Do we want them to learn of the great conflicts that came from people migrating from lands that climate change had turned into uninhabitable desert?

To be told that people were unwilling to save our resources for future generations, or to accept changes in lifestyle to help stop our climate changing.

We only have one planet. There is no spare to replace it if we ruin this one.

It is our duty to care for the earth and I hope that as you decide you to vote people will consider the world and ALL who live on it now and in the future.

Every vote for the Green Party is a vote for social justice and for the environment.

Thank you.

Peter Caton